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Grant Application and Approval Process


Any district employee contemplating applying for grant funds from a local, state or federal source must complete the Grant Approval Form at least 10 days prior to the grant submission deadline.  The Grant Approval Form must be reviewed by the Business Office to determine if there are any implications of the award on the district (e.g. matching funds requirement, long term repair or maintenance costs).

This process applies to all grants regardless of the size of award or the method of submission except for grants that are awarded through the OSPI iGrants system.

 Complete the Grant Approval Form and attach a copy of the grant announcement and completed grant application.

  1. Obtain principal and/or department head approval signature.

  2. Send documents via courier or scan and email the documents to:  Matt Young at 109 (Business Services) at least 10 days prior to the application submission deadline.

  3. Business Services will review the application and respond with any questions.

  4. Business Services will send an email to the grant applicant upon Business Office approval.

  5. If award is granted, grant applicant must notify Matt Young (Business Services) so grant funds can be properly deposited and an account code created to track expenditures.

To access the Grant Approval Form, Click Here