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Instructional Materials Forms and Procedures

Textbook Rebind Instructions

  1. Identify textbooks that need to be sent for rebinding.
  2. Stamp the title page (first inside page) of each book with Puyallup School District. You can use labels or a stamp.
  3. Transfer textbooks in Destiny to IMPC (Instructional Materials Processing Center) using the instructions, here.
  4. Print the Destiny transfer report and make two copies of each printout. Attach one copy to the box that holds the books on the report. Keep one copy for your records. For non-barcoded materials, use an obsolete form, but cross out obsolete and write in rebinds.
  5. Send all original paperwork and a completed Blue Move Request Card to: IMPC, Attn: Lori Miller
  6. After review of paperwork, IMPC will send completed Blue Move Request Card to Logistics Support Center (LSC) to schedule pickup of boxes.
  7. Upon receipt of completed rebinds, IMPC will barcode the books and send them back to your school

Surplus and Obsoleting Procedures