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Inclement Weather For Staff

Inclement Weather and Work Expectations

As winter weather approaches, districtwide and/or individual school delays and closures may occur due to weather, power outages or other operational emergencies.

The information below is provided to set clear expectations on what is expected of staff in variety of scenarios.

“School-Year Only” Staff

PEA, PESPA, some PAEOP, Bus Drivers, Food, Security, and some Prof Tech


“Full-Year” Staff

APSP, CMT, some PAEOP, most Prof Tech, Exempt, Confidential, Mechanics, Maintenance, and Custodial


Closed Worksites When District is Open

In the unlikely event the district remains open, but a specific school or worksite is closed, employees assigned to the closed worksite have two options.   

  1. Report emergency leave for the day (which will draw from the employee’s sick leave balance), or; 

  2. Contact the appropriate person/team noted below to be assigned to another worksite for the day to provide much needed support at a different work location. 

Impacted employees may not self-elect to continue to work at their closed worksite, nor can impacted employees self-elect to work remotely.

Employees selecting to work for the day at an alternate worksite location must contact their supervisor prior to their normal start time. 

Assignments to other worksites will be directed as follows:


Please contact Human Resources or your supervisor.