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Teacher and Certificated Staff Appreciation Week

an 8-picture collage of PSD Teachers and Certificated Staff and Students

May 6 -10 is Teacher and Certificated Staff Appreciation Week! This annual recognition is a time to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions made by our dedicated and hardworking teachers and certificated staff members. 

In their mission to educate the children of our community, teachers and certificated staff members serve in partnership with parents and guardians to ensure the education and success of all children.

They inspire students to think strategically and critically to integrate knowledge and experience to succeed in the classroom and beyond. While making it a priority to get to know every student, teachers and certificated staff create warm and welcoming learning environments and consistently show they care. 

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, we encourage staff, students, and families to participate in celebrating teachers and certificated staff next week.

Whether it's through personal expressions of gratitude, organizing small celebrations, or acknowledging their contributions in other meaningful ways, let's come together to honor and appreciate all they do to support students and their success.    
 Thank you, teachers and certificated staff for all you do to support our students, schools and community!