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Shaw Road Student Inspires Peers to Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Shaw Road Elementary Maggie Klein in front of the "Stick it to Stigma" Board


Maggie Klein is a remarkable sixth grader at Shaw Road who is making a significant impact on her school community. Not only is she an excellent student and the president of the student council, but she is also a courageous advocate for mental health awareness. Maggie openly shares her experiences with ADHD and anxiety, believing that her transparency can help other students feel less alone.

Mental Health Awareness

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Maggie collaborated with the school counselor, Meredith Cromis, to create a "Stick it to Stigma" bulletin board.

This innovative project aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues by encouraging students and staff to share their experiences anonymously.

Stick it to Stigma

Shaw Road Elementary Maggie Klein in front of the "Stick it to Stigma" Board

Shaw Road Elementary Maggie Klein in front of the "Stick it to Stigma" Board

As part of our school’s monthly student news program, Trailblazer TV, Maggie issued a heartfelt challenge to her peers. She invited everyone to write down a mental health issue they have faced—whether it’s a fear of public speaking or anxiety—and post it on the bulletin board. The goal is to fill the board with sticky notes, visually demonstrating that mental health challenges are common and nothing to be ashamed of.

The "Stick it to Stigma" bulletin board is filled with sticky notes, each one a testament to the shared experiences of our students and staff. Maggie hopes the initiative will foster a more supportive and understanding environment within her school when it comes to mental health.

"By the time we are adults, more than half of us will have dealt with a mental health challenge," said Maggie. "So there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed if you have a mental health challenge or have worked on one."

We are incredibly proud of Maggie for her leadership and bravery in addressing such an important issue. Her efforts are helping to create a more inclusive and compassionate community. Let's all take Maggie's challenge to heart and do our part to "Stick it to Stigma."