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Lushootseed Phrase of the Month: We Are Still Here

A graphic with a forest-themed background with Lushootseed and English text in front

To further support the Puyallup School District initiative to integrate Puyallup Tribal History and strengthen our community partnerships, each month, our schools will highlight a Lushootseed phrase and utilize additional resources to build cultural connections to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

We will also share these phrases and learning resources in our newsletters each month for our broader community to learn and engage with.

This month, we share the following:

Lushootseed Phrase

didiʔɫ čəɫ ʔa - We Are Still Here

Phonetic Pronunciation

dee-deeʔł chuhɫ ah


Try Yourself (Youtube Video)

Try Yourself Translation and Print


We are Joyful to See You Folks (YouTube Video)