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February 13 Capital Levy Informational Video

A teacher and two students in the classroom

The Puyallup School District's capital budget, which is responsible for major school maintenance, renovations, and construction projects, is projected to be depleted by 2026, presenting challenges for facility improvements.

What is The Purpose of the Capital Levy?

To address this, a $175 million capital levy will be placed on the February 13, 2024 special election ballot.

This capital levy is deemed essential for the maintenance of aging school buildings and equipment.

What Could Happen Without Funding?

Without this funding, the district's ability to address deficient buildings and sites would be at risk.

Capital levies are seen as necessary to maintain district assets and ensure that all students have access to adequate learning environments, particularly in areas not funded by the state.

Watch the Video Below to Learn More

Learn more about the capital levy, why it’s needed and highlights of some of the projects that would be funded in this video.