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Celebrating International Students' Day 2023

a woman holding flags from different countries

International Students' Day occurs annually on November 17 to recognize students globally and celebrate the diversity and students from different cultures bring to their communities and the world.

Celebrating Diversity

It is also a time to appreciate and honor the hard work, dedication, and creativity of students from diverse backgrounds who shape our communities and world to make them better places.

PSD Exchange Students 

Currently, PSD has 15 exchange students from nine countries studying abroad at Emerald Ridge, Puyallup, and Rogers High Schools. 

Learn more about some of these globetrotting students and their experiences attending school and living in America. 

Emerald Ridge

Filippo Gabbanelli, Senior

headshot of Filippo Gabbanelli
  • Home Country: Italy

  • School Extracurricular Activities: Tennis, Musical Theatre Club, and interested in baseball or soccer in the spring semester 

Q: What is something that you have experienced at your school here that you might not have experienced in your home country? 

A: “One experience in school I might have not have experienced in my home country is sports with friends at school. An example for me is tennis.”

Kamilla Murkhambetova, Junior

headshot of Kamilla Murkhambetova
  • Home Country: Kyrgyzstan 

  • School Extracurricular Activities: Cross Country, Theatre Costume and Hair Crew, Future Farmers Association (FFA) Workshop and Asian Association Club 

Q: What are some positive experiences you've had as a student in the Puyallup School District? 

A: “I like studying in my school, especially the fact that I can meet different kinds of people with different personalities. People are so bright and fun here.” 

Puyallup High 

Pedro Freitas Garbosa, Senior

Pedro Garbosa
  • Home Country: Brazil 

  • School Extracurricular Activities: Girls' Soccer Team Manager 

Q: Why do you think it's important for schools to have a diverse student body? 

A: “It is important because it shows diversity as students grow and helps create open-minded students.” 

Lara Fohry, Junior

headshot of Lara Fohry
  • Home Country: Germany 

  • School Extracurricular Activities: Gymnastics 

Q: What is something about living in the PSD Community taught you about living in America? 

A: “School spirit is really big here and that the sports keep the school together and that everyone is supportive and likes to show off their school very proudly.”


Kokone Igarashi, Junior

headshot of Kokone Igarashi
  • Home Country: Japan 

  • School Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleading and Asian American Culture Club 

Q: Why do you think it's important for schools to have a diverse student body? 

A: “Students can learn different cultures from diverse students, and I think it is related to peace.”

Want to be a Host for an Exchange Student?

If you are interested in becoming a host for an exchange student in the future, below are agencies PSD works with: 

Cultural Homestay International (CHI)

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) 

EF High School Exchange Year