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7th Grade Stahl Students Experience Interactive Math Lessons

three students doing a math activity at Stahl Junior High

Last week, the Seattle Universal Math Museum visited Stahl Junior High (SJH), bringing a fun and active learning approach to its 7th grade math classrooms.

The Seattle Universal Math Museum (SUMM) hosts events and interactive programming virtually and in libraries, schools, and venues across the Puget Sound. 

SUMM Educator helping out Stahl Junior High Students

Throughout the day at SJH, 7th grade students were introduced to a hands-on math activity, which, according to SUMM Educator Ginna Roach, shows them that the subject is a lot more than adding and subtracting numbers.

"Math can be found anywhere," Roach said. “Our learning involves lots of different types. The other thing that is unique about our activities is that we draw on all types of mathematical knowledge, not just the typical kind that you think of in math class." 

SJH 7th Grade Math Teacher Carrie Perrin says SUMM's non-traditional learning style, which included playing dice games and bingo while being physically active in the classroom, was a breath of fresh air for the students. 

"They're (students) able to interact with each other in a way they might not be able to in other ways," Perrin said. “They're rotating, recording, and rearranging their bingo boards. It's not just a set piece of information. They're recreating every time they start a new game and rethinking their strategy so they can have a better chance of winning."  

SJH 7th grade student Oliver Erickson mentioned, "I learn way better with hands-on. That's how I learn. It's like a specific lesson, but you get to choose it."

Two Stahl Junior High Students working on a math activity

SJH 7th Grade Student Mia Garcia said, "It's a lot more fun and interactive. This way, math is more interesting, and it helped me stay focused."