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Puyallup School District defines partnership as a cooperative relationship between students, families, schools, school districts, and the greater Puyallup community. Partners are committed to supporting student academic success. Partners work with and invest in the education of our children and youth - whose future, in turn, will affect the quality of life for the entire Puyallup community.

  • Community-based Organization (CBOs) 
  • Business Community
  • Community Groups or Individuals

What is a partnership?

Partnerships can be between many different people and institutions. For example, they could be between:

  • Teachers and businesspeople
  • Students and social worker
  • Principals and pastors
  • Schools and non-profits
  • Parents and office administrators
  • Puyallup School District and universities

What does a successful and authentic partnership look like?

  • All partners are equally valued and respected
  • Clear, consistent and transparent communication with all partners
  • Contributions of partners are aligned to the common goal of supporting students
  • Careful evaluation of success
  • Diverse representation from all parts of the school system and greater community, especially those historically left out of the conversation (including young people, communities of color, and economically disadvantaged and limited English-speaking families)

Pathways to partnership

Business community and community-based organizations

Puyallup School District values the support of the non-profit and business community. A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract may be in order if we are partnering for a youth program, goods and services, or an internship program.

In support of a school or the district, one-time or recurring donations, as well as facilitating an employee volunteer activity, are welcome!

For more information or to request a meeting contact PSD.