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Applications are now closed for the 2023-2024 school year

Is your child ready for kindergarten but has a birthdate that falls just after the cut-off? Consider submitting an Application of Interest to see if they qualify for Puyallup Early Entrance to Kindergarten (PEEK), Puyallup’s Early Entrance to Kindergarten program.  

Families with children who turn five years of age after  August 31 may be eligible for early entrance to kindergarten. Washington State law requires that children must be at least five years of age on or before August 31 to enroll in kindergarten. PEEK is an opportunity for children with a birthdate between  September 1-30 to be considered for early entrance to kindergarten if they meet certain requirements. Learn more about PEEK, requirements to apply, and the assessment process HERE. You can also watch a recording of an informational webinar here.

Families can now submit an Application of Interest for program consideration for the upcoming school year. Applications of Interest are due by April 14, 2023.  After submitting an Application of Interest, families will receive a checklist of items required to be submitted by April 28, 2023. The required documentation listed below will help determine if the child qualifies for testing into the PEEK program.
  • Self-Help Development Parent Questionnaire  
  • Social Emotional Development Parent Questionnaire  
  • Teacher/Daycare Referral  

If required documentation demonstrates that the child is in the above average range, the child willl qualify for PEEK testing. Only children who qualify in the above-average range will be invited for PEEK testing. PEEK testing is conducted from the late June through late July by trained school personnel. Areas to be assessed include fine and gross motor skills, language skills, knowledge of concepts, and child behavior.

PEEK Timeline (approximate)

  • February 28 – April 14:  Application Interest Period    
  • April 28:  All required documentation due   
  • Early July:  Families to be notified if their child is eligible for testing   
  • May – July:  PEEK Testing for those that qualify   
  • Mid-August:  Families notified if child qualifies for program entry   
  • Prior to Sept. 1:  Qualified families register for kindergarten at their neighborhood school