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Multilingual Learners


In the Puyallup School District, we use Sheltered Instruction as our primary means to support our English Language Learners. So… what does that mean?

It means that the classroom teacher has the responsibility for the primary, direct instruction of English Language Learner eligible students. Resources from our English Language Learner program may be provided to supplement the ELL student's basic educational program. The purpose of this supplemental service is to teach English to non-English speaking students who qualify for services using the State guidelines.

The ELL Program provides services to students based on the student's level of instructional need and the resources available. By participating in the ELL Program an ELL student may be assigned to participate in one or more of the following supports during the school year:

Outside the Classroom

Students may work with a certificated teacher holding an ELL endorsement. In this case, the certificated teacher will work with individual students or small groups outside of the classroom to help them learn social and academic language. This typically occurs for a short time period three to five days a week and is dependent upon student need.

Students may work with an ELL trained paraprofessional away from the regular classroom setting. Usually this occurs for a short period of time each day. The ELL Consulting Teachers, in collaboration with the ELL Instructional Assistants, plan for the instruction. The ELL Instructional Assistants work under the direction of the ELL Consulting Teachers and the General Education classroom teachers..

Inside the Classroom

Different levels of support can be delivered within the classroom setting:

  • Students in a content ELL program use a combination of ELL materials and regular classroom materials to learn conversational  English while simultaneously developing academic skills. The classroom teacher designs lesson accommodations and modifications according to the English language needs of the student.
  • Monitored students work entirely under the direction of the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher is encouraged to seek support from the ELL Consulting Teachers or ELL Administrator.

Contact Info

Please contact your school office to request an interpreter for family conferences and meetings.

Jamie Lee
Executive Director Federal Programs & Student Support

Cecilia Tamayo
Assistant Director Categorical Federal Programs
Joy Benning
Administrative Assistant

Education Service Center
302 Second Street SE
Puyallup, WA 98372

P: 253-840-8936
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