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Open Education Resources

What is an OER?
Openly licensed educational resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under a license that permits their free use, reuse, modification, and sharing with others. Digital openly licensed resources can include complete online courses, modular digital textbooks as well as resources such as images, videos, and assessment items. 

Why use OERs?

  • Empowering teachers to be creative professionals by giving them the ability to adapt and customize learning materials without breaking copyright laws.
  • Saved money has allowed us to repurpose funding that would have been spent on static textbooks for things like investing in digital platforms and teacher professional development.
  • Relevant and updated content will prevent the purchase of books that are outdated as soon as they are printed.
  • Increased equity means we can distribute content to anyone, anywhere.

Puyallup OER Projects

Completed Spring 2016:
High School Civics
7th & 8th Grade Mathematics
6th Grade Mathematics (supplementary materials)
Approximate savings to Puyallup School District: $755,590

In-Progress and Upcoming Projects:
AP Human Geography
7th Grade Science
Elementary Science

US Department of Education #GoOpen
Puyallup School District has been recognized nationally as one of 87 #GoOpen districts
Puyallup School District has been selected as one of 14 Districts nationally to be a #GoOpen Ambassador district