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RCW 28A.225 defines instruction as home-based if it consists of planned and supervised instructional and related educational activities including curriculum and instruction in the basic skills of occupational education, science, mathematics, language, social studies, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, and the development of an appreciation of art and music.  Total annual program hours are as follows:
Kindergarten: At least a total of 450 hours
Grades 1 through 12: An annual average total of 1,000 hours
RCW 28A.200 recognizes that all decisions (except for matters specifically referred to in RCW 28A. 225) relating to philosophy or doctrine; selection of books, teaching materials and curriculum; and methods, timing, and place in the provision or evaluation of home-based instruction shall be the responsibility of the parent.

Parent Qualifications

In order to qualify as homeschool eligible, a parent must either:
  a)  Be supervised by a certificated teacher who has contact with the child for one hour per week average per month,
  b)  Have earned the equivalent of 45 college-level quarter credit hours,
  c)  Have taken a course in home-based instruction at a post-secondary institution or vocational technical institute, or
  d)  Been deemed sufficiently qualified by the local superintendent.

Annual Testing

An approved standardized test administered yearly by a qualified individual, or an annual academic progress assessment of the student’s academic progress written by a certificated person currently working in the field of education, must be administered yearly.
A parent must ensure that test scores or annual academic progress assessments and immunization records, together with any other records that are kept relating to the instructional and educational activities provided, are maintained.
The Washington Homeschool Organization (W.H.O.) makes an effort to keep a current list of persons offering to test or assess homeschoolers. 
The Puyallup School District provides a number of district-directed and/or state-mandated assessments at each grade level. If your student is in a grade level affected by the Puyallup School District assessment program, he/she may come to the school at the times scheduled for testing. Parents/guardians should contact the Building Assessment Coordinator of your student’s resident school for additional information, a schedule of the various assessments, and sign-ups, if interested in having your student participate in the testing program.
Transcripted Coursework

Students receiving instruction through an organization, agency, or private school need to submit an official transcript. The Puyallup School District has no obligation to accept credits earned outside the school district. Transcripts must be submitted prior to re-entering the school district, if requesting credit.
Home-based instruction courses taken during the time a student is enrolled full-time in the Puyallup School District will not be accepted as credit toward graduation.

Richard Lasso
Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Instructional Leadership 

Shelly Teele
Executive Assistant 

fax: 253-840-8938

302 2nd St SE
Puyallup, WA 98372