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Dual Language


The Puyallup School District joins a select number of districts offering a dual language program at the elementary school level.

Dual Language immersion programs bring together native speakers in two different languages where each is immersed in a new or “target” language. 

In addition to the dual language program being considered an enrichment model, it is also the most effective way for a student to learn a second language. 

Instruction is carefully designed and intentionally conducted in either English or Spanish. As a result, both groups of students have the opportunity to become literate and fluent in both languages.

The class is comprised of one third English speakers, one third Spanish speakers and one third bilingual speakers.

Background and Information

Objectives and Benefits

Dual Language News

Ready to Apply for the 2024-25 Dual Language Program?

2024-25 Dual Language Application

Apply by May 31, 2024!

Contact Info

Jamie Lee 
Executive Director of Categorical Federal Programs and Student Support

Cecilia Tamayo
Assistant Director of Categorical Federal Programs

Teaching Opportunities


Interested in dual language teaching positions? 
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