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Dual Language


The Puyallup School District joins a select number of districts offering a dual language program at the elementary school level. In addition to the dual language program being considered an enrichment model, it is also the most effective way for a student to learn a second language. 

Which PSD Schools Offer the Dual Language Program?

At this time, both Karshner Elementary and Dessie F. Evans Elementary host our dual language program.


The Spanish Dual Language Program is designed so that students completing the program are:

  • Biliterate: Able to speak, read and write at advanced levels in both English and Spanish reflective of their age.
  • Bicultural: Able to be more flexible, process perspectives from multiple viewpoints, and more easily make cross-cultural connections.
  • Academically Oriented: Able to perform at or above same grade level peers in academic subjects as well as standardized assessments.

Objective and Benefits

Improved Academic Performance

Once students reach the intermediate grades, dual language students perform as well as or better than non-dual language students on standardized tests of English and Math, administered in English.

Second Language Skills

Students will achieve high language proficiency in the immersion language. Students learn to read and write academically and interact socially in both English and Spanish.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills

Dual Language students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem solving skills as well as enhanced understanding of their primary language.

Increased Cultural Sensitivity

Dual Language students are more aware of and show more positive attitudes towards other cultures and an appreciation of other people. 

College and Career Ready

Dual Language students are better prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset. 

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Contact Info

Jamie Lee 
Director of Categorical Federal Programs 

Frequently Asked Questions