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Career and Technical Education

Puyallup School District Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for access to meaningful post-secondary opportunities in a highly competitive, global economy.  Our program is responsible for supporting student college and career readiness through real world, real life skills requiring both academics and training.

The Puyallup School District is committed to ensuring each student obtains essential skills necessary to succeed in a career that provides them with a sustainable living family wage by:

  • Delivering engaging hands-on courses that are relevant to today's workplace.
  • Upholding rigorous industry and academic standards
  • Partnering with community business and industry leaders for mentorship and vision
  • Inspiring and preparing students to set and pursue fulfilling career goals.

All students in CTE courses are connected with practice and growth in technical and leadership skills necessary to excel in meaningful post-secondary educational opportunities and life.

Courses of Study

Career Pathways

Skilled & Technical Sciences

Contact CTE

Maija Delaquin
Director of Instructional Leadership, CTE

Patti McMullan
Career Specialist, Emerald Ridge High School

Shelley Jellison
Career Specialist, Puyallup High School

Richard Mitchell
Career Specialist, Rogers High School

Steve Leifsen
Assistant Principal, Emerald Ridge High School

Mark Barnes
Assistant Principal, Puyallup High School

Anne Hoban
Assistant Principal, Rogers High School

Tara Brady
CTE Information Analyst

Trish Capocy
Administrative Assistant

Amy Cameron
Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Giustino
CTE Teacher on Special Assignment