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Facilities, Safety, and Security

Facilities, Safety, and Security

The district will ensure the timely repair and maintenance of schools and support facilities in order to maintain a safe work and learning environment for students and staff.

The Puyallup School District knows the critical role that our facilities and infrastructure play in our ability to educate and support students. Students and staff are able to succeed when their environment is clean, maintained, and welcoming. Most importantly, maintaining adequate facilities is critical to keeping both students and staff safe. Through the use of robust standards for excellence and a dedication to timely service, the Puyallup School District will ensure that students and staff are able to teach and grow in a positive physical environment.

How we will measure success…

  • Completion time and number of follow-up status inquiries for work orders after submission.
  • Percent of families who respond positively to questions related to school safety on a district-administered survey.
  • Percentage of students who are attending school in a permanent classroom facility.