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Strategic Plan

Cultivating Potential. Empowering Achievement.

Setting Our Vision for Excellence

The district launched its new five-year strategic plan in the Spring of 2023.

a high school student and two elementary students at a table doing arts and crafts

This plan will continue to evolve and be implemented over the next five years as it paves the way for our learners to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

It sets a framework for academic excellence, fosters inclusive learning environments, and empowers educators and families to support high levels of student success. The plan also emphasizes collaboration and community engagement, acknowledging the importance of collective input in shaping our district's future.

Together, we can help PSD students achieve great things!


A karshner elementary student on a laptop

To prepare and empower every student to reach their full potential and to thrive in school, society, work, and life.


The Puyallup School District values academic excellence and ensures every student learns in safe and supportive environments in order to develop as critical thinkers ready to take on the world.

Theory of Action

Puyallup’s Theory of Action reflects the fundamental beliefs of the district around what will lead to long-term success for students.

a high school and elementary student

If district leadership distributes resources in alignment with strong district priorities and values, including:

  • Allocating resources according to criteria based on school needs, size, and goals;
  • Providing support and accountability from the district office;
  • Giving school leaders clear expectations to decide how resources are used within the building for school culture, safety, and strong instructional practices

Then school communities will make positive, sound, and strategic decisions based on school needs, and academic and social-emotional outcomes for students will improve.


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a banner of graduation cap and text that says Academic Achievement


Family and Community Engagement

A banner with hands putting puzzle pieces together and text that says Family & Community Engagement



A banner with hands shaking and text that says social emotional supports


Staff Development, Culture,
and Satisfaction

a graphic that says staff, developmnent, culture and satisfaction

Facilities, Safety,
and Security

a banner with text that says Facilities, Safety and Security

Implementation Timeline

A graphic explaining the PSD Strategic Plan Implementation timeline

Strategic Plan Report Updates

Inaugural Report - Spring 2023

Establishment Report (YEAR 1) - November 2023

Coming Soon

Development Report (Year 2)

Implementation Report (Year 3)

Revision Report (Year 4)

Evaluation Report (Year 5)