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Choice Transfer Request

The Puyallup School District is now offering K-12 Online Learning through our Parent Partnership and Digital Learning programs. Please visit or call (253)841-8630 for more information.

A Choice Transfer Request is required if you wish for your student to be released from the Puyallup School District full-time to attend school or an on-line program in another school district.  To complete the form online and submit for review and processing, visit the OSPI Choice Transfer Parent Portal. Once submitted, notification emails will be sent to you throughout the process to update you on the progress and status of your request. Once your release has been approved by the requested district, it is important that you withdraw your student from their current school prior to enrolling in the new district.

Please use the Inter-district Agreement Request form below only when you wish for your student to continue taking classes in the Puyallup School District in combination with an on-line program in another school district. Please complete all blanks on the form, including courses to be taken at the resident school and courses to be taken at the non-resident school. The Puyallup School District will determine the portion of the FTE to be claimed for each class taken here (please note that students may only take a combined maximum of 5 classes when sharing enrollment between 2 districts). Please sign and date the form on the bottom of page three.

Interdistrict Agreement Request form (English)

Interdistrict Agreement Request form (Espanol)

For additional information or questions contact the district operator/receptionist, at 253-841-1301 or