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Puyallup Laptop Protection Plan

Like textbooks, team uniforms and other school property, students are responsible for the appropriate care of the laptop. While a laptop is no different than a textbook, it does represent an increased cost to the district and liability to students and parents. The Puyallup Protection Plan is an optional way for students and parents to avoid a fine if an accident happens. This plan is completely voluntary.

The plan works this way:

  • Prior to laptop distribution, Parents/Guardians make a non-refundable payment of $25.00 to their school. Families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch have the fee waived.
  • This is an annual plan. The plan covers the laptop for the current school year only and must be purchased at the time a new laptop is issued to the student OR by a returning student by September 30th.
  • Accidental damage to the laptop is repaired at no cost (*Repeated damage may be subject to the full cost of the repair).
  • Stolen laptops are covered with a deductible and a police report submitted to the school.
  • Loss resulting from fire, flood, or natural disaster will be covered at the same deductible schedule as a stolen laptop.


Stolen Laptop with Police Report (Elementary)

Stolen Laptop with Police Report


Lost Laptop

1st Incident



Full Replacement Cost

2nd Incident

Full Replacement Cost

Full Replacement Cost

Full Replacement Cost




  • Lost Laptop:
    • Lost laptops are not covered and a fine applied for the full replacement cost.
    • If the lost laptop is found and in good condition, the fine will be refunded.
    • If a student leaves the district and does not return the laptop, it will be considered “lost” and a fine applied for the full replacement cost.
    • Police may be involved in returning district property.
  • Lost or Damaged Charger, Digital Pen/Stylus, and/or Protective Sleeve/Case:
    • Are not covered and a fine applied for the full replacement cost of the item.
    • Students may purchase replacement accessories through the school’s Office Manager or Bookkeeper.
  • Intentional Damage/Vandalism or Negligence:
    • Is not covered by this plan and subject to the full cost of the repair or replacement.
  • Unauthorized Changes to Computer and/or Installation of Software, Application, or Computer Programs:
    • Any unauthorized installation of software, applications, or computer programs or unauthorized changes to the student laptop will be considered destruction of property and/or vandalism and may lead to discipline and/or a fine for any repairs or replacement cost of the computer.

***If you choose not to enroll in the protection plan, you will be responsible for the full costs for repair or replacement of the laptop***

Laptop Protection & Service Agreement Forms


Puyallup Protection Plan (P3)

Plan de protección de Puyallup