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Agreements & Salary Schedules

Description: Principals and Assistant Principals for elementary, junior high, and high schools

Description: Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors, Directors, etc.

Description: Executive Assistants (to Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Superintendent and Board), etc.

Description: Facilities Operations Managers, Custodians, etc.

Description:  Assistant Servers, Kitchen Helpers, Cashiers, Lead Servers, etc.

Description: Grounds Crew, Maintenance Crew, Warehouse, Print Shop, etc.

Description: Utility Mechanics, Equipment Mechanics, Preventive Maintenance Specialists, Bus and Diesel Mechanics, etc.

Description: Pool Supervisors, Lifeguards/Swim Instructors, Technology Assistants, Avid Tutors, Hourly Support, etc.

Description: Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Payroll Specialists, etc.

Description: Teachers, Librarians, Music Specialists, Nurses, etc.

Description: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Cheerleader/Pep Club Advisors, Knowledge Bowl Advisors, etc.

Description: Paraeducators, Interpreter Tutors, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Health Assistants, Science Lab Technicians, etc.

Description: Psychologist Interns, Retirement Analysts, Systems Engineers, Network/Telecommunications Engineers, Technicians, Transportation Supervisors, etc.

Description: Patrol Security Officers, Night Watchmen, Campus Security Officers, etc.

Description: Transportation Specialists, Assistant Driver Trainers, Bus Drivers, etc.

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