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SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) Notifications

Puyallup Schools District strives to ensure that we are good stewards of our environment and natural resources. The Washington Legislature enacted the State Environmental Policy Act in 1971. The State Environmental Policy Act, commonly called SEPA, helps us to identify environmental impacts likely to result from school construction projects. To meet our legal obligations, we adhere to the following commitments:

  • Consider environmental information (impacts, alternatives, and mitigation) before committing to a particular action.
  • Identify and evaluate probable impacts, alternatives, and mitigation measures, emphasizing critical environmental impacts and alternatives (cumulative, short-term, long-term, direct, and indirect ones).
  • Encourage public involvement in decisions.
  • Prepare environmental documents that are concise, clear, and to the point.
  • Integrate SEPA with existing agency planning and licensing procedures so procedures run concurrently rather than consecutively.
  • Integrate SEPA with agency activities at the earliest possible time to ensure planning and decisions reflect environmental values, avoid delays later in the process, and seek to resolve potential problems.

To view the SEPA documents for a project, please click on the project name listed below. You can search for specific notifications on the right-hand side navigation.