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School Capacity and Utilization Task Force Presents Recommendations to the Puyallup School Board

On Monday, June 3, the School Capacity and Utilization Task Force (SCUT) presented their recommendations to the Puyallup School Board. The board will review and vote on the task force's recommendations at their next meeting on Monday, June 17.  

In Spring 2023, the district initiated the SCUT report to provide a detailed overview of addressing enrollment challenges until new schools are built. The task force includes students, staff, families, and community members representing various perspectives. They met 14 times over the past year to analyze building conditions, enrollment forecasts, and potential solutions.  

Key strategies highlighted in the report include managing student waivers, adjusting school boundaries, and optimizing program management. These measures aim to alleviate capacity issues in different schools, with specific recommendations tailored to each school's needs. The task force emphasizes the importance of acting swiftly to address these challenges while planning for future improvements through a potential bond measure.  

Five priorities guide the district's strategic plan: Academic Excellence, Social-Emotional Support, Family and Community Engagement, Staff Development, Culture and Satisfaction, and Facilities, Safety, and Security. SCUT focuses on finding interim solutions to manage enrollment until future funding can be available for constructing new schools. 

The task force includes 15 community representatives and 15 district staff members, four high school students, and two Puyallup PTA Council members. Their recommendations for specific schools include managing student waivers, relocating programs, and adding portable classrooms. For instance, Northwood Elementary will manage waivers and relocate classrooms, while Rogers High School will add portable classrooms.  

Finally, the task force suggests establishing a Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) to continue their work. The BAC would focus on constructing new buildings and modernizing facilities. They recommend forming this committee by June 24, with bi-monthly meetings starting in September to plan a recommended bond package by November. This comprehensive approach ensures the district can effectively manage current and future enrollment challenges. 

Read the full report on the Task Force on our website at  

SCUT Recommendations Overview



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