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A Different Kind of "A River Runs Through It" at Wildwood Elementary

When elementary playgrounds flood, our students face more than just a wet playground but a loss of learning spaces. Standing water, leaky roofs, and saturated playfields can negatively impact students' learning experience. Outdoor educational spaces are vital for student learning, interaction, and socialization and must be maintained and available even during severe weather conditions like the heavy rainfall we experienced this week. As observed at Wildwood Elementary, we are working to reduce the immediate impact and find proactive measures to mitigate the long-term effects of weather on school fields and outdoor areas. 

Several factors, such as blocked drains, damaged pipes, and insufficient drainage infrastructure, can impede the effective removal of rainwater. Clay soils, extreme weather conditions, and inadequate drainage systems also contribute to water accumulation around our buildings, resulting in muddy and wet conditions for our students. 

Amidst the challenges posed by the recent atmospheric river and its significant impact on Wildwood and other PSD buildings, the strain on the capital budget has become increasingly evident. PSD's capital budget, which is responsible for major maintenance, renovation, and construction projects, is set to run out by 2026 unless we secure additional bond or levy funding. The postponement of essential repairs has directly resulted from the depletion of capital funds, resulting in concerns about the long-term viability of buildings, systems, and outdoor learning spaces. 

Learn more about proposed enhancements for Wildwood and other schools on our website at

Our older schools face unique challenges – outdated materials, obsolete systems, and struggling to keep up with repairs. The consequences? A domino effect leading to further building and system deterioration. Dive into the 2021 CFAC (Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee) report to understand the broader context. Delaying repairs due to budget constraints only worsens the situation. 


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