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Warehouse Addition

Opened Fall 2020

Financed by 2015 State Match Funds
Architect: BCRA
General Contractor: Westmark Construction
Project Manager: Tom Shields

Thank you, voters. Because of your support, PSD completed an addition to our warehouse facility.

Warehouse Addition - 2015 Bond

Building History

This property was originally purchased in April of 1986 from Donald and Edith Kessler for the sum of $320,000. Given the overall growth of the Puyallup School District, there was a need to establish greater central warehousing capacity. As a result, this site was purchased because it was centrally located within the Puyallup School District and because of its close proximity to Highway 512. In 2006, the district purchased two adjoining residential properties for expansion of the facilities.

The Warehouse site has approximately 19.2 acres with street frontage on 39Avenue SW and 17 Street SW in City of Puyallup. At the time of purchases there were a number of residential buildings on the properties. All of those buildings have been razed.

In 1987, the district constructed a Warehouse facility on the northern-most five (5) acres of the site. In 1998, the district constructed and opened the District Central Kitchen facility on the west side and adjacent to the Warehouse and in 2021, construction of the Kessler Center was completed along the frontage of 39" Avenue SW.

The southern portion of the Warehouse site is rectangular in shape and consists of approximately 9.6 acres. This portion of the Warehouse site contains a fenced enclosure for bus parking. The property is reasonably flat.

Warehouse Addition - 2015 Bond
Warehouse Addition - 2015 Bond