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2015 Bond Projects

Thank you, voters, for approving our 2015 bond measure to replace or renovate six aging neighborhood schools across our district. 

All voter-approved 2015 bond projects came in on time, under budget. PSD funds were managed so well that the state match was used to fund additional junior high projects and the Kessler Center, saving the district from having to run another bond for those expansion projects.

Six completed, 2015 voter-approved bond projects

Dessie Evans construction project
Firgrove Elementary
2015 Bond Shaw Road Elementary Construction Project
Sunrise Elementary
Hunt Elementary
Northwood Elementary

Five projects funded by the state match funds are complete

State match funds from those projects are being used for projects currently under construction, including additions at Ballou, Stahl, Ferrucci Junior High Schools, and the new Kessler Center. 

2015 Bond Ballou Junior High Construction Project
Stahl Junior High
2015 Bond Ferrucci Junior High Construction Project
Pope Elementary
Kessler Center construction project

What are “state match dollars”?

Many school districts can qualify for additional financial assistance from the state of Washington to help build or modernize facilities. The state determines the amount of square footage each student needs (the amounts are different for elementary, middle, and high schools) and assigns a dollar amount per square foot based on current average construction cost estimates.

Both new construction and remodeling projects can be eligible for state assistance. While these matching funds are helpful for bond projects, only a limited percentage of actual costs are typically covered using this formula, leaving the rest of the cost to the school district and the local community (via a bond or capital levy). 

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