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Projects related to your school on the ballot

Restore, Improve, Replace

Projects related to your school on the ballot.

Why Group Schools by the Student Feeder Pattern?

Our student's educational journey spans multiple school buildings, shaping their growth and development. By sharing projects by school feeder pattern, you can better visualize this interconnected system and make an informed decision about your child's academic future.

We strive to create an environment that fosters continuous growth from kindergarten to graduation, ensuring the buildings students attend are well equipped, up to current building standards, and provide a comfortable, welcoming environment. 

Region 1 Schools (Emerald Ridge High School Catchment)

Region 2 Schools (Rogers High School Catchment)

Region 3 Schools (Puyallup High School Catchment)

*Much of the funding included in this capital levy is not just related to systems that need replacement due to their age but are also tied to becoming compliant with the Clean Buildings Act. We agree that the intent of this legislation is good for improving our impact on the environment, conserving energy, and lowering our operations costs, however it will take a significant investment. Without funding, it will be impossible to reach the benchmarks required to avoid the fines that will be levied by the state. Those fines would be paid from the general fund and could be thousands of dollars, again, impacting the resources available for teaching and learning. Learn more about our CBA requirements. 

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Washington is a vote by mail state. That means you when you register to vote, you will automatically receive your ballot and voters' pamphlet in the mail before each election.

Ballots are mailed out 18 days prior to the election.

Military and overseas voters will receive their ballot 45 days before a general and primary election and 30 days before a special election.

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