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2024 Capital Levy

Restore, Improve, Replace

Thank You, PSD Voters! The 2024 Capital Levy passed with a 51.32% approval rating, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude.  

Your support enables us to address 906 critical projects districtwide. These projects span building improvements, technology upgrades, safety and security enhancements, and improvements to outdoor programs. Each of these projects is crucial in meeting the evolving needs of our students and staff. 

Your commitment to our community will help us to replace, improve, and restore valuable public infrastructure, and we are excited about the positive impact these improvements will have on the educational experience within our district. Thank you once again for your trust and support, and for investing in Puyallup Schools. 

Follow us here or on social media @FoundationsForOurFuture as we move from planning to construction.

Capital Levy Project News

2024 Capital Levy Projects

Building Improvements (45%)

  • HVAC
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Roof Repairs & Replacements
  • Portable Improvements
  • Interior & Exterior Improvements
  • Elevator Replacement
  • ADA Accessibility Improvements
  • Flooring

Technology (18%)

  • Internet Access
  • Classroom Technology

Site & Traffic (16%)

  • Traffic Safety
  • Fence & Gates
  • Field Renovations
  • Paving Improvements & Walking Paths
  • Reader Boards

Outdoor (11%)

  • Junior High All-Weather Tracks
  • Playgrounds & Fields

Safety (10%)

  • Fire, Security systems, and cameras
  • Access Controls & Alarms
  • Districtwide Lock Upgrades
  • Intercoms & Notification Systems

Projects related to your school

Region 1 Schools (Emerald Ridge High School Catchment)

Region 2 Schools (Rogers High School Catchment)

Region 3 Schools (Puyallup High School Catchment)

*Much of the funding included in this capital levy is not just related to systems that need replacement due to their age but are also tied to becoming compliant with the Clean Buildings Act. We agree that the intent of this legislation is good for improving our impact on the environment, conserving energy, and lowering our operations costs, however it will take a significant investment. Without funding, it will be impossible to reach the benchmarks required to avoid the fines that will be levied by the state. Those fines would be paid from the general fund and could be thousands of dollars, again, impacting the resources available for teaching and learning. Learn more about our CBA requirements. 

What is the estimated tax rate of the Capital Levy? 

Year Est. Rate Voter Investment
2025 $0.87 $25,700,000
2026 $0.87 $27,000,000
2027 $0.87 $28,400,000
2028 $0.87 $29,700,000
2029 $0.87 $31,400,000
2030 $0.87 $32,800,000


$0.87 per $1,000 of assessed value.