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Payroll, Retirement & Benefits


The Payroll, Benefits & Retirement Department is dedicated to supporting our district’s staff through delivering accurate and timely payroll, comprehensive benefits, and a secure retirement plan.  

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, fostering a culture of trust, continuously improving our processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy, and maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations.   

We believe our work contributes to the financial security and peace of mind of our employees, allowing them to focus on providing an effective learning environment for our students.   

Some of the services we provide include 

  • Payroll and timesheet questions 

  • Payroll Forms 

  • Benefit Open Enrollment 

  • Retirement Consultation 

Please call or email us with questions, or choose a link at the top to navigate through our site. 

Contact Info

Business Information Analyst

Carol Gorman                                      (253) 840-8833

Retirement Analyst

Lynn Guyton                                (253) 841-8765

Payroll Supervisor

Margaret Nelson                              (253) 841-8612

Payroll Specialists

Sandra Jackson
(253) 435-6729

Shannon Lindner 
(253) 841-8606

Patti Lindstrom
(253) 841-8620

Nichole Weber 
(253) 435-6502

Erica Westcott 
(253) 435-6654

Benefits Coordinators

Xuong Huynh
(253) 841-8615

General Emails