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Surplus District Material

The surplus procedures below were developed in accordance with:

 • District Policy 6881 – Disposal of Surplus Property

 • District Regulation 6881R – Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials

 • RCW 28A.335.180 – Surplus texts and other educational aids

Surplus Topics Covered:

General Surplus Procedure

Surplus or Obsolete Library/Textbooks & Technology Related Items

Broken or Non-Repairable Items

Surplus ASB or Athletic Equipment

Surplus Athletic Clothing or Uniforms

Donating or Selling Surplus Materials or Equipment

General Surplus Procedure

Occasionally there are items in a school or department that are no longer used or needed but are still in useable condition. Other items may be broken (repairable or non-repairable). These items can be sent for surplus from your site via the following procedure:

1)       Contact district buildings/sites (via email) to determine if the items are needed elsewhere in the district. The advertisement must include photos, a detailed description and be in place for one week before moving to the next step. 

Include the following departments in your advertisement:


2)      For those items claimed by another district building, please e-mail to request the items be moved. 

3)      For surplus items not claimed by another location, please e-mail Robin Osborn at (Logistic Support Center) to request the items be sent for surplus. Photos and verification of advertisement are required.

4)       A location specific surplus materials form will be created for you with additional instructions. All forms need to be signed by the building or department administrator. If the items were originally purchased using the budget of one of the following departments, approval is also required from the appropriate administrator prior to any surplus action: Career & Technical Education, Special Education, Music Programs, Operations and Athletics.  Once signatures are complete, return this form to the Logistic Support Center (LSC) to start the surplus process. 

5)      The Logistic Support Center forwards all surplus materials and equipment requests to Purchasing, which initiates the process to obtain school board approval for all items.

6)      Following school board approval, pickup of your items will be scheduled.  Keep in mind, when items are approved for surplus, they are no longer available in the district. Useable items are transported to State of Washington Surplus (Department of Enterprise Services) for public sale.

Surplus or Obsolete Library/Textbooks & Technology Related Items

1)      Contact the Textbook & Media Center at x8874 for removal of ALL library or textbooks, whether the items are in useable condition or severely damaged.

2)      Contact the online EdTec Help Desk or at x8600 for removal of ALL computer or technology related items, whether they are useable or non-useable.

Broken or Non-Repairable Items

Small and/or low-value items (less than $100 original purchase price) that are broken, non-repairable, severely damaged and/or determined to be unusable do not have to be declared surplus and may be discarded as garbage.  When declaring such items as disposable garbage, caution and conservative judgment are advised.

Large and/or high dollar value items ($100 or greater original purchase price) or items that can be recycled must go through the surplus approval process and will be recycled or disposed of by the Logistic Support Center.  As some of these items may be listed as a district fixed asset, their disposal will first need to be approved by the school board and then processed by Business Services so the disposal can be recorded in the fixed assets system. 

Surplus Athletic or ASB Equipment

Surplus athletic equipment, clothing or uniforms purchased with ASB funds should complete a Surplus Materials Form and be sent directly to purchasing (not LSC) to initiate the process to obtain school board approval. 

Surplus Athletic Clothing or Uniforms

Old athletic clothing or uniforms may be sold to staff and students as “spirit gear” via the following procedure:

1.     It is not necessary to advertise the clothing or uniforms.

2.     Complete a Surplus Materials Form. These items will not be removed from the school site, please indicate N/A in the pickup location and requested pickup date fields.

3.     List all the different types of clothing and/or uniforms that will be surplused – and indicate the quantity of each item. In the enter condition field, enter ASB sale – spirit gear.

4.     Forward the Surplus Materials Form directly to Purchasing (not LSC).

5.     Purchasing will initiate the process to obtain school board approval for the surplus items and will notify the school contact person after school board approval has been received.

6.     Following school board approval, the ASB student council must approve the fundraiser.  All applicable ASB fundraiser forms and procedures must be completed for the fundraiser (project proposal, inventory counts, final reconciliation, etc.)

7.     Take a physical count of all items before the sale. Have a set price for each type of item and make a note of the selling prices (for reconciliation purposes after the fundraiser). 

8.     After the sale, take a physical count of the remaining items (if any) and reconcile the items sold to the amount deposited. 

9.     Create a fundraiser folder and keep all related documents.

NOTE: This procedure only applies to clothing like pants, shirts, jerseys, jackets, or warm-ups.  It does not apply to athletic equipment or football helmets.

Donating or Selling Surplus Materials or Equipment

Per RCW 28A.335.180, school districts may grant surplus materials and equipment to a federal, state or local government entity, or to indigent persons, at no cost on the condition the property be used for preschool through twelfth grade education purposes.  Please contact the Purchasing Department if your school or department is planning on donating any item to another school district or government entity.

The school district cannot broker a sale to private entities (non-governmental), staff or community members of surplus materials or equipment.  These items were purchased with public funds and must be sold at an open public sale. 

The district typically transfers all useable surplus materials and equipment to the State of Washington Surplus in Olympia, which holds the public sale on the district’s behalf. 

Persons or entities interested in acquiring some of the district’s surplus items can contact the State of Washington Surplus