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Board Policies and Regulations

School board policies are statements that set forth the purposes and prescribe in general terms the organization and program of the district. They provide general, ongoing guidance and direction to the district. The Puyallup School District uses BoardDocs, a web-based delivery system of Board documents and agenda items, to maintain our library of policies, regulations and forms.

After clicking on the BoardDocs link above, click the Policies tab. Either scroll through the lists on the left or enter the policy number or keyword(s) in the Search box. 

Policies, Regulations, and Forms 
Each policy includes cross references, legal references, and the date when the policy was adopted. If applicable, acceptance dates for revisions are also included.

Administrative regulations are developed as necessary to ensure the consistent implementation of policies adopted by the Board. Regulations can include specific procedures and other such details. A regulation number is the same as the associated policy number, with an "R" suffix.

Some policies are associated with forms. A form number is the same as the associated policy number, with an "F" suffix. 

For more information about the adoption and amendment of policies, and the development and issuance of regulations, see Policy 1310, and the associated Regulation 1310R on "Policy Adoption, Manuals, and Administrative Regulations." 

Policy Series 

The policies are categorized into the six following areas: 
     • 1000 — Board of Directors. Policies pertaining to Puyallup School Board meetings, board member elections and governance. 
     • 2000 — Instruction. Policies pertaining to student learning programs, school organization, and instructional requirements. 
     • 3000 — Students. Policies pertaining to admission and attendance, rights and responsibilities, and student activities. 
     • 4000 — Community Relations. Policies pertaining to communications with the public, public participation in schools, public access to staff and students, and relations with other agencies. 
     • 5000 — Personnel. Policies pertaining to recruitment, hiring, employment, compensation, leaves, and benefits. 
     • 6000 — Management Support. Policies pertaining to financial planning, revenues, purchasing, risk management, transportation, food service, school property, and capital projects. 


For more information about board meetings, district policies and regulations, contact  Beth Kerrick.